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About BBoSp and how to contact us

About Us

BBOSP stands for, Beg Borrow or Steal Productions.


Rest assured there is no theft involved, but it is a nod to our awareness of the ever changing budgets in the photography business. The days of big shoots with all the bells and whistles are becoming increasingly rare, yet more content is needed today than ever before. A winning combo of technical knowledge, an eye for style, a desire for perfection and a whole lot of scrappiness allows us to create images cost effectively without sacrificing quality.

Husband and wife team, David's background is in fashion (both on and off-model), jewelry and lighting design...while Alexandra's focus has been on food, lifestyle, and product.

Things we do..
Silos, Environmentals, Home studio, Props, Retouching...
 Send us your product or drop it off with us in Brooklyn, NY!

There are many e-comm studios out there that offer packages for your business. We get it. We understand wanting to save money, and needing images quickly--nothing wrong with that!...what we don't get is: "generic".

Our prices are competitive, our turn around time is speedy....but generic, we are not...and nor should your images be. You're selling something, so why not invest in images that speak to your style. Not only are we able to match existing images that you may already have, we can also help you to create a whole new style and direction if needed. We put thought into what we do, and we actually care about the final product. We are a small studio and do all the work in-house. A lot of other studios do "mill work", shooting as quickly and as possible to crank out as many clients as they can, then send the files overseas to have them retouched. We can be cost effective and meet your deadlines, while still being interesting and innovative. Let us help you to set yourself apart.


Red Hook, Brooklyn NY

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